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Octagonal Pole Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

From small and narrow streets to clean and well-built roads and highways, from unlit areas which were difficult to navigate during cold dark nights to illuminated spaces that offers great visibility to travelers, Lighting Poles surely have made our daily travels easier in ways that we all are aware of. Just Imagine our roads, streets, parks, commercial areas during grim nights without Lighting Poles, the scene will surely be terrifying. With advent of technology came the zeal of industries to offer variety of options for lighting solutions. This led to the manufacture of ‘Octagonal Poles’.

Now what exactly constitutes an Octagonal Pole? First of all, as the name suggests, this pole is Octagonal in its cross sectional design, meaning consisting of 8 faces. Such design provides planned and structured wind resistance and ensures simple and easy work-ability at the same time. These two foremost features act as facilitators for the usage of Octagonal Poles. With hot tip galvanization and superior paint coating, Kasper Engineering stands a step ahead in providing corrosion free Poles to the customers.

Be it private residential spaces, commercial areas or industrial zone, Octagonal Poles finds the most utility. As the leading manufacturer, Kasper Engineering’s Octagonal Poles are all manufactured from Mild Steel in various Heights. The sleek design often grabs attention and the top-notch performance often steals the show.

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