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Tubular Pole

MS Tubular Pole

Kasper Engineering is on the way to revolutionize the technology invested in MS Tubular Poles. We design the poles aiming to offer assured comfort at the user's end. Manufactured by Mild Steel, the fabrication of poles is also dependent on the customer's requirements.


Red oxide, Silver Paint and Hot Dip Galvanized are few of the many features our poles exhibit. The poles are manufactured to be corrosion-free and adaptable to the pre-requisites of the end user. Be it any height, we can design any of it.

Click on the link to know about our Street Light Pole info, technical data and other details.

Technical Data and Drawing

Tubular Pole Specification
Tubular Pole Hot Dip Galvanized
Tubular Pole Base Plate
Tubular Pole with Bracket Arm


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