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Led Flood Light

LED Flood Light

After acquiring pinnacle of success in various lighting poles manufacture, We, Kasper Engineering have stepped into Flood lighting solutions as well. LED Floodlight provides a uniform flow of light in a large area. As the name suggests, these types of lights ‘flood’ a large area with brightness.


Flood lights will spread an even illumination across an area with no shadows. They are quite often called as Base lighting. Stores, warehouses, factories, office buildings and public spaces such as parking lots, need artificial illumination with a broad beam. And here’s where Flood lights comes into play.

Today LED Flood Light have been immensely revolutionized and helped play an important role in improving the lighting scenario with superb quality and energy efficiency. It is an absolute worthwhile product which caters great demand.

Led flood lights are categorized into 100W, 120W-200W, 300W-500W, 600W-1000W, 1200W-1500W.


Applications of Flood Lighting:

  • Construction Sites and Manufacturing Plants.

  • Ports.

  • Facade Lighting.

  • Architectural Buildings and Monuments.


Key Features:

  • Energy Efficient

  • Maintenance Free.

  • High Lumen Output.

  • Excellent Thermal Management.

  • Environment-Friendly.

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