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Electrical Pole

Electrical Pole

Since our rise, we have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of  Electrical Poles. The offered poles are widely used to install electrical cable lines and are mainly acknowledged for their high strength and excellent durability.

Product Info

The Electrical Poles are the column or post that are utilized to assist overhead power lines as well as different other public utilities, such as cables, fiber optic cables, and attendant equipment such as street lights and transformers. These can be referred as transmission poles, power poles, hydro poles etc depending on their application. The electrical wires and cables are dispatched overhead on these products as the low-budget way to keep them insulated from the land and out of the way of vehicles and people. The  Electrical Poles can be made of wood, concrete, metal or composites such as fiberglass. These are employed for two assorted types of power lines; sub-transmission lines that carry high voltage power between distribution lines and substations, which administer lower voltage power to clients. Commonly utilized to carry two kinds of electric power lines these  Electrical Poles are highly durable.


  • MS Steel Tubular Poles

  • G.I. Steel Tubular Poles

Key Points:

  • Excellent surface finish

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • Robust construction

Advantages of Electrical Poles:

  • Save space in citified areas for practical or economic reasons.

  • Provide a reduced resistance path to ground hence protecting the phase conductors from lightning.

  • Provide kindred protection in case of flash-overs as well as lightning strikes.

  • Conduct extremely high electromotive force present on the line straight to ground.

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